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Women in journalism: Reading list 2/19/12

The Gender Report provides a weekly round-up of links to online articles that may be of interest to our readers. The links below are to noteworthy articles on topics related to women in journalism and the media during the past week.

-Boys Will Hire Boys: The Media Is Male and Getting Maler (GOOD)

-Promote Women: Use Your Network to Solve the (Byline) Gender Gap (GOOD)

-Little Ms. Journalist (Huffington Post Media)

-The Contraception Mandate: Where Are The Women? (NPR Ombudsman)

-Afghan government asks for headscarves, less make-up on female TV presenters (Reuters)

-Their So-Called Journalism, or What I Saw at the Women’s Mags (by Hillary Rosner)

-Women’s and celeb magazines suffer circulation decline (Journalism.co.uk)

-At MSNBC, a Professor as TV Host (New York Times)

-Can Melissa Harris-Perry Remove the Race and Gender Blinders from Cable News? (by Jennifer Pozner at AlterNet)

-CBS News Correspondent Clarissa Ward On The Challenges Of Reporting From Syria (TVNewswer)

-Andrea Bruce’s Photographs From Refugee Camps in Afghanistan (Lens Blog – New York Times)

-Gov. Jennifer Granholm on Women in Media, Her Dream Guest, and Being Fair, But Not Balanced (Think Progress)

-Tahrir Square one year on: Interview with journalist Shahira Amin (The Journalism Foundation)

-Sari Horwitz will cover Justice Department for Washington Post (Poynter)

Articles included in this feature do not necessarily reflect the views of The Gender Report or its writers. We encourage readers to submit suggestions of articles to include in future editions of this feature by sending an email to genderreport@gmail.com. For links to articles like these throughout the week, follow @GenderReport on Twitter. View past week’s round-ups here.

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About Jasmine Linabary

Jasmine Linabary is a PhD student with an interest in media, technology, and feminist theory. Her background is in newspaper journalism.


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