Marking six months: Gender Report kicks off six days of coverage, stats

Six months ago, we set out to look at how women are represented in online news both as sources and as authors through our Gender Check monitoring project. Last Friday’s Gender Check from the South marked the completion of our first six months of data.

In honor of this, we will be reviewing our findings as well as unveiling new statistics based on what we’ve uncovered so far in a series of posts over the next six days. These will include the data from month six of our Gender Checks as well as the full overall six month statistics from both the Gender Checks and our look at stories from the New Media Index. Additionally, we’ll be offering a recap of all of our progress and data to date and commentary on what we’ve learned, what challenges we’ve faced and what we still hope to explore.

As part of this nearly week-long coverage, we’ll also be marking the occasion with a social media campaign through our Facebook and Twitter accounts and providing information on how to connect with us and stay up to date on what we’re working on.

We’ll still be completing our regular Gender Checks throughout the week. Anytime you see our logo with the “Six Month” banner below (see above in post), it will mark part of this special coverage. And, in case you miss any of the six-month coverage, you can view it all here in one place.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our faithful readers and followers during our first months as we took steps toward becoming a resource in the ongoing dialogue about gender and the news media. We appreciate your support. Here’s to many more.

Stay tuned for our six-month coverage, starting with further posts later today…


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