One year: Gender Report kicks off week of anniversary coverage

A year ago this month, we founded The Gender Report as an effort to start a conversation about gender representations in online news. As such, this month also marks the completion of two year-long studies that have attempted to examine the presence of women as sources and authors of Internet news coverage.

We invite you to join us as we commemorate the occasion this week, with coverage stretching from Sunday, Jan. 29 through Sunday, Feb. 5. To start, we’ll have daily posts uncovering what we’ve found in our first year.  These posts will unveil data from our year-long Gender Check monitoring project as well as our 12-month study of the articles in the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s New Media Index. We’ll start the week with posts on the findings from the final month of both studies followed mid-week by the complete results from the full year examined from several different angles.

In addition, we’ll be providing a recap post of all that we’ve accomplished to date in our first year, a review of women in the news over the past year, and commentary on what we’ve learned and what our plans are for the future. Watch for this logo (right) as we start our coverage. In case you miss any of our one-year anniversary posts, you can view it all in one place here.

We’ll be discussing our findings on Twitter this week, so we invite you to join us there as well. In addition to the comment sections on posts, you can share your thoughts and ask us questions about our results and our projects using the #GRdiscuss hashtag. You can help us celebrate our anniversary by following The Gender Report on Twitter and Facebook or by encouraging others to do so.

We’d also like to take this chance to thank you, our readers and followers. We appreciate all of your support and encouragement this first year. It has meant a lot to us. We hope you’ll stick around to continue this dialogue about gender and the news media. We look forward to hearing from you in year two.

Check back for our first post of our year one coverage later today.


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