Gender check: 3/1/12 – Midwest

*Gender Checks are quick examinations of gender representation in individual news articles for the purpose of discovering trends over time. Click here to read more.

Website: Chicago Tribune

On the Chicago Tribune, one of the lead articles featured on the home page as of 8:15 p.m. (PST) Thursday, March 1, was titled “One street, five deaths: Harrisburg tornado fatalities concentrated in close-knit neighborhood.”

Here is its breakdown:

Subject: Crime and violence: Disaster, accident, famine, flood, plane crash, etc. (GMMP No. 43)

Word count: 1,108

Author: Male (1) and female (2)

Human sources (listed in order mentioned):

  1. Female, daughter of a woman killed in the storm
  2. Female, whose daughter-in-law was injured
  3. Male, duplex owner
  4. Female, paternal grandmother of a woman who died
  5. Female, maternal grandmother of a woman who died
  6. Female, granddaughter of a woman who died
  7. Female, sister of a woman who died
  8. Male, brother of a woman who died
  9. Male, mayor
  10. Male, science support branch chief at storm prediction center

Notes/analysis: The article includes numerous videos and other related features.

Website: Chicago News Cooperative

In addition to the Chicago Tribune, we’ve been monitoring the Chicago News Cooperative since we started our second year of Gender Checks two weeks ago. Unfortunately, the Chicago News Cooperative suspended publication as of Feb. 26. We’ll be selecting another Chicago site to replace it in our Gender Checks in the weeks going forward.


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