Women in journalism: Reading list 8/5/2012

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Reading List

Security turns away high schoolers petitioning for female debate moderators (Poynter)

Presidential debates honcho: ‘Very hard to find’ good moderators (Poynter) Follow-up to above

The Olympics’s women coverage (Columbia Journalism Review)

Women Are Dominating Social-Media Conversation About the Olympics (Ad Age)

NPR launching new diversity initiative with $1.5 million from CPB (Poynter)

Work/life trend pieces and when journalistic heroes fall, literally (Columbia Journalism Review)

Missing the ‘Big Story’–on Purpose (Women’s Media Center)

What Do You Ladies Know How to Do? (Jezebel)

Three Anonymous Spouses Shaped 20th Century Media (Women’s eNews)

Mexico must investigate threat against Lydia Cacho (Committee to Protect Journalists)

Cameroonian Journalist Continues Work in U.S., Provides News for “Abandoned” Areas of Cameroon (International Women’s Media Foundation)

Changes at The New York Observer (New York Observer) Editor-in-chief and editorial director Elizabeth Spiers leaving to start her own company

New Yahoo News editor-in-chief Hillary Frey: ‘I’m always looking for a great story’ (Poynter)

Pulitzer winner Sara Ganim explains how she develops sources, gets them to open up (Poynter)

The Oracle of Girl World (New York Times) On Tavi Gevinson

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