Women in journalism: Reading list for 5/19/2013

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Reading List

Working Women On Television: A Mixed Bag At Best (NPR)

Do you think about gender on Twitter? (Twee-Q)

Open Gender Tracker analyses gender balance in the media (Journalism.co.uk)

Where have all the women gone in movies? (LA Times)

Marissa Mayer’s Widower Debuts on Philanthropic Stage (Flip the News) – The Laurene Jobs story recast as a Zach Bogue story.

Sports Illustrated Loves Models. Female Athletes? Not So Much (Jezebel)

Why are Indian women being attacked on social media? (BBC News India)

NPR Describes Senator Gillibrand as “petite, blond and perky” (Miss Representation)

Shameful: Washington Times Column Blames Female Service Members for Assault, Calls Them Liars (Huffington Post)

No, You Cannot Substitute ‘Sex’ For ‘Rape’ (Think Progress)

Once Again, Media Asks Wrong Questions and Blames Victims (Ms. Magazine)

REPORT: Diversity On Evening Cable News In 13 Charts (Media Matters)

Walters to Announce 2014 Retirement on ‘The View’ (New York Times)

Why We’ll Miss Glass Ceiling-Breaker Barbara Walters (KQED)

Seth Meyers to replace Jimmy Fallon as late-night white-guy beat goes on (She the People)

Still Shooting After the End of War (NYTimes Lens Blog) On Stacy Pearsall

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