Live now: The Gender Report transitions to a new design

The Gender Report got a new look this week, which we hope will give you, our readers, a better snapshot of our offerings.


We use as our platform and decided to switch design themes to a look that would showcase what we have to offer. While we appreciated the functions of our previous theme, “Fusion,” for our first six months in operation, our advancement and further development called for something new. To that end, we selected “The Morning After,” a newer theme with a magazine style. Though no design is perfect, we feel this new theme will allow us more flexibility to highlight certain posts and features as well as more opportunities to display our content. In turn, we hope that gives our readers better access to our work and the different aspects of our project. In light of this switch, we’ll also be looking to add more visuals and graphics to our posts, which will enhance readability and add value to our posts.

The transition to that new theme occurred June 29 (Please visit our home page for the full effect), but we’ll still be doing some fine-tuning. Though the biggest design changes have taken place, you may still notice some more subtle changes in the days to come.

Even with this redesign, you can still expect to find the same monitoring, resources and research work on representations of women in online news. We’ll be continuing to put out our weekly Gender Checks and Week in Review posts as well as sharing new resources and our recent findings.

We welcome your feedback. Along with thoughts about the design, also feel free to let us know if there are features or post topics you’d like to see from us. Share your ideas in the comment section below or email