Women in journalism: Reading list for 6/23/2013

The Gender Report provides a weekly round-up of links to online articles that may be of interest to our readers. The links below are to noteworthy articles on topics related to women in journalism and the media during the past week. Articles included in this feature do not necessarily reflect the views of The Gender Report or its writers. View past week’s round-ups here.

Reading List

#WomenEdsWeLove creator: Female editors ‘are not invisible’ & ‘they’re not that hard to find’ (Poynter)

Robbie Myers: Yes, Women’s Magazines Can Do Serious Journalism. In Fact, We’ve Been Doing It For A While (ELLE Magazine)

Here’s Why Women’s Magazines Don’t Produce “Serious” Journalism (XX Factor)

The WiCi Awards: Recognizing Women Changing Communications (Mashable)

Male Fox News guest to female Democratic consultant: “Know your role and shut your mouth” (Salon)

Why Trolling is Worse For Feminist Writers (Policy Mic)

At The Movies, The Women Are Gone (NPR)

Gloria Steinem on Digital as a Medium for Women’s Stories (Huffington Post)

Editor loses her home in fire, but it doesn’t stop the presses (The Gazette)

Ex-LAT editor Sallie Hofmeister signs on with Sitrick (LA Observed)

MSNBC.com adds Irin Carmon, others (JimRomenesko.com)

The Sun launches internship named for former newsroom leader Mary J. Corey (Baltimore Sun)

She’s Not Just Destined For Greatness, She’s Destined To Do Great Things For Women (Upworthy)

We encourage readers to submit suggestions of articles to include in future editions of this feature by sending an email to genderreport[at]gmail.com. For links to articles like these throughout the week, follow @GenderReport on Twitter.


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