Seven Tumblr blogs to watch on women and the media

All kinds of Tumblr blogs have popped up looking at issues related to women in journalism and the media. Here are a few of our favorites.

Flip the NewsFlip the News

This Tumblr site takes recent articles and “flips” the gender, race or even country mentioned to help expose bias.


On Twitter: @FlipTheNewsBlog

Sample post:  New CIA #2 Pick Used to Read Anne Rice Aloud at His Bookstore’s Erotica Night

Lady Journos

One of our ongoing favorites, this site, run by Ann Friedman, draws attention to work done by “journalists who happen to be women.”


On Twitter: @ladyjournos

Sample post: Lauren Smily: A girl, her pimp, and her parents. San Francisco magazine || June 20, 2013


New York-based Jessica Glazer shares Q&As with female editors, producers, storytellers and other women in journalism.


Sample post: Q&A: NBC Producer, Alva French

Said to Lady Journos

This Tumblr sheds light on the shocking things people say to female journalists and other instances of sexism. The site allows for anonymous submissions.


On Twitter: @ToLadyJournos

Sample post: “Where’d the pregnant girl go? Did she leave?”

Scoreboard for EqualityScoreboard for Equality

This Tumblr aims to document coverage of women’s sports, with scoreboards for the New York Times and USA Today. The disparity in coverage of men’s and women’s athletics is striking.


On Twitter: @EqualTheScore

Sample post: The Media is Not #ChasingAbby

Women in the News

A “feminist media critique for the digital age,” this Tumblr, run by Jocelyn Peirce, features frontpage gender breakdowns from the Huffington Post.


Sample post: Huffington Post’s front page gender breakdown for March 27, 2013

100 Percent Men100 percent men  

Ok, not exclusive to women in the media, but Lydia DePillis uses this site to highlight “boys clubs” of all kinds. Often the photos speak for themselves.


Sample post: Virginia’s entire 2013 Congressional delegation, every Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, and every Governor of Virginia, ever.

Which of your favorites did we miss? Share some of your favorite Tumblr blogs related to women and the media. Add to our list in the comment section below or by emailing


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